How We Work

Since its foundation So the Child May Live has worked to save and improve the lives of children in Nepal. We work to facilitate best practice in paediatric care in the country, principally working to support the clinicians at Kanti Children’s Hospital, the only dedicated children’s hospital in Nepal. We have promoted, encouraged and financed a partnership between Kanti and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. Staff travel regularly between the two hospitals for training and development in the latest services and techniques. We finance a clinic in a remote area of the country. We also provide many items of medical equipment  and much needed specialist supplies.

We are a registered charity (1140243). Everyone involved with So the Child May Live is a volunteer. We spend no donated money on governance. We spend a little donated money on administration. We spend a little donated money on fundraising. In the UK, between 60 and 70 per cent of charities’ annual spending goes on “charitable activities” – i.e. providing the services or fulfilling the duties that the charity exists to provide. With So the Child May Live it is over 95 per cent. Over 95%  of your donations goes to relieve sickness and promote the good health of children – and each pound used to meet basic human needs in the developing world accomplishes so much more. Please see our UNICEF video which argues persuasively that interventions such as ours ‘Pave the way for a more prosperous Nepal’.