Summary of Achievements

• Carmel Dersch visits Nepal and Kanti Children’s Hospital.
• On return to the UK, ‘So The Child May Live’ is born

Development of the Charity
• Trustees of STCML elected officers
• Paperwork for registration as a UK charity was submitted to the Charity Commission
• Logo Designed
• Charitable Status achieved with the Charity Commission
• Deepak Upadhyay, a Nepali doctor now working in the UK, becomes a special advisor to the charity, now a trustee
• Carmel interviewed by Roger Phillips on Radio Merseyside about the charity
• Sian Falder also interviewed by Roger Phillips about her work with the Burns Project
• Roger Phillips from Radio Merseyside becomes a Patron
• Sir David Henshaw invited to be a patron of the charity
• Third Patron, Louise Ellman MP appointed
• Carmel along with 21 of our supporters, travelled to Nepal for a charity trek and visit to the hospital. A great time was had by all!
• Terry McKenna becomes a trustee

Building Partnership with Kanti Hospital
• Draft ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ sent to Kanti (2011)
• Agreement reached with Alder Hey Children’s hospital, Liverpool and Kanti Children’s hospital, Kathmandu for an exchange programme of staff (2012)
• Director of Kanti Children’s hospital visits Alder Hey, STCML and Liverpool, Memorandum of Understanding signed (2013)
• Alder Hey/Kanti Group established (2013)
• Committee formed at Alder Hey for the Alder Hey – Kanti Link. Four trustees of STCML are now members (2014)
• Professor Pizer speaks at a Paediatric medical conference in Kathmandu (2014) about the charity
• Memorandum of Understanding updated and resigned (2018)

Jaganarthpur Clinic
• In 2004, Jagarnathpur Clinic was started with funding from STCML
• Poynton Rotary Club agreed to rebuild the Clinic at Jaganarthpur with a matching grant from Rotary International (2012)
• Clinic rebuild is going ahead with Poynton Rotary, Rotary International and STCML (2013)
• Continued to fund the running of Jaganarthpur Clinic
• Work commenced on the rebuilding of the clinic in Jaganarthpur and funding for the running of the clinic continues (2014)
• Clinic at Jaganarthpur is now rebuilt, funding continues. Staff receive a pay rise (2016)
• STCML buys a new motorbike for Sujit who works at the clinic (2016)

Funding Nepalese doctors for overseas training
• Funding given to two Nepalese doctors to attend paediatric oncology (cancer) conference in Boston (2010)
• Consultant Oncologist, Kailash Sah from Kanti attended an international conference in London and he also spent some time in Liverpool with STCML
• STCML agreed to support Nepali doctors who will further their training in India (2015)
• STCML supports the living costs for two Nepali doctors training in India in Paediatric oncology and Neonatology (2017)

Oncology – Professor Pizer
• 1997 – 4 month visit of Dr Kailash Sah to Alder Hey – now Consultant in Paediatric Oncology at Kanti (further training Delhi)
• Continued association – Development of the oncology service.
• Advice is also given regarding individual patients
• Visits to the Unit: 2002, 2007 and then annually
• Advice and support given regarding: multi-disciplinary team working, training, treatment protocols and links with other centres
• Speaks at medical conferences in Kathmandu (2002, 2014)
• Paper published on Paediatric oncology services in Nepal in South Asian Journal of Cancer (2014)

Burns Service – Sian Falder
• SLCML funded Sian Falder to visit the Burn’s Unit at Kanti and a link was set up
• Since then she has visited 15 times with hands-on support, running ‘Essential Burn Care courses’ and supporting self-sustaining training in Nepal

• Consultant Surgeon, Ravi Chaudhary revisited the UK and brought with him two nurses from Kanti Burns Unit. They visited Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to further their skills and knowledge of the management of burns in children
• Evaluation of 2 years’ partnership showed improvement in burn care in Kanti
• Sian Falder visited Nepal with Interburns, networking and meeting with other NGO’s
• STCML funded upgrade of Burns Unit decor at Kanti
• Dr Rajkarnikar from Kanti visited Alder Hey Burn Unit
• Dr Bijay and Dr Pun from Kanti visited Alder Hey (separate visits) Burn Unit
• Dr Basnet from Kanti visited Alder Hey Burn Unit
• British Medical Association humanitarian grant awarded to Sian Falder to continue partnership work

Resuscitation Training (ANPLS) – Pete Arrowsmith/ Deepak Upadhyay
2001 – Present Day
• The first two 3-days ANPLS courses was organised in Kanti Children’s Hospital, sponsored and funded Child Advocacy international, UK and So The Child May Live ( STCML) (2001)
• Subsequently 2 more 3 days APLS courses were conducted in Kanti with funding from STCML and coordinated by Deepak Upadhyay. After Deepak came to UK in 2002, the APLS courses were continued to be sponsored and funded by STCML and co-ordinated by Dr Upadhyay from UK and Dr Nitin Thapa, Dr M Bhattarai in Kanti
• Since 2004 the APLS course in Kanti was coordinated and run by Dr Ajit Raimajhi with continued funding from STCML
• Support and training for APLS continues with support from Pete Arrowsmith
• Established core Nepali faculty of 12 Senior Clinicians
• Mannequins, teaching aids and resus equipment donated
• >1000 local Drs and Nurses trained in ANPLS
• Also, provided training to neighbouring facilities & med schools
• Further advanced Paediatric Life Support Courses held at Kanti with support from STCML (2014)
• Advanced Paediatric Life Support Course (APLS) (2016)
• APLS running independently at Kanti with support from Pete Arrowsmith (2017)

Child Protection – Deepak Upadhyay
• STCML made links to UK professionals in Child Protection who work with developing countries, including one of our own trustees (2014)
• STCML agreed in principle to help finance and support Child Protection work at Kanti (2015)
• Continued support for the Child Protection work in Nepal which had been put on hold following the quakes
• Child Protection training held at Kanti (2016, 2017, 2018)
STCML contributed funds for a 4 day ‘CPRR (Child Protection: Recognise and Respond) course held at Kanti Children Hospital Apr-May 2016. This course was delivered by the visiting Paediatricians and Nurses from the UK and was developed by Royal College of Paediatrics (RCPCH), Advanced Life Support Group, Manchester and RSPCC, UK and was funded by the Oak foundation, STCML and HEXN, UK. The course was highly successful and trained 36 doctors and Nurses from Kanti and other Hospitals of Kathmandu including 11 Nepalese trainers.

STCML funded 3 Paediatricians and one Nurse to visit Kanti Children Hospital and provide a further 3 day CPRR training Course and a one day stake holders meeting. The CPRR training was fully organised and conducted by the Nepalese trainers and facilitated and backed up by the visiting UK team.
The stakeholders meeting was attended by a Ministry of Health representative, UNICEF, CWIN, Police department, local Journalist and Nepalese and UK Child protection Trainers and was successful in escalating this issue to the Government and non-Government stakeholders
• A 3-week child protection training was undertaken by Dr R Chapagain from Kanti at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital with funding from STCML and HEXN
• Further training held at Kanti June 2018, part funded by STCML

• Staff visit to support the development of the new paediatric intensive care unit (2016)

Emergency Department
• Eileen Byrne visits Kanti to help set up triage in A and E (2016, 2017)
• Triage established at Kanti A&E and training for the doctors and nurses continues (2017)

• Two radiologists visit Kanti to support the development of the new paediatric intensive care unit
• Telemedicine between the radiologists at Alder Hey and Kanti is working (2017)

• STCML supported an Alder Hey consultant to travel to Kanti to deliver ‘Education in Epilepsy Management’ courses (2013)

Medical Equipment
• Blood Gas machine donated to Kanti (1996)
• Seven defribrillators donated to Kanti (2007- present day)
• Dermatome (used for skin grafting and bought by STCML) arrived safely at Kanti (2010)
• STCML supported a Biomedical Engineer’s visit from Alder Hey to fix broken equipment at Kanti (2013)
• STCML donated two CPAP ventilators and other equipment to the Intensive Care Unit (2014)
• In April and May 2015 there were two major Earthquakes in Nepal, resulting in damage to both Kanti hospital itself and some equipment. An international major disaster! Major earthquake relief appeal established (2015)
• Emergency funding sent by STCML via the charity Health Exchange Nepal (HExN) (2015)
• STCML bought a new Jaundice Meter for Kanti (2015)
• STCML bought a new Anaesthetic Machine for Kanti, to replace the ones damaged in the quake (2015)
• Two syringe drivers donated (2014)

Medical student elective programme
• Medical elective programme for medical students established via STCML. Each year some choose to spend their elective at Kanti

Thank You All
Looking back at all the work done and the advances made since our charity started, it is amazing what has been achieved. None of this would have been possible without the staunch support of all the people who have put so much effort into raising money for us.
We list below just a few of the many who have made such a huge difference since the charity was established. While many more have supported our various fund-raising events such as the bring-and-buy sales and quiz nights, taken part in our sponsored walks and made regular donations, we would like to mention the following individuals who have gone to such great lengths and without whose help we would not have been able to help save the lives of so many children in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Major Supporters

• The Chinese Community in Liverpool
• Birkenhead School
• Poynton Rotary Club
• Tilly Joliffe, Kath Nolan and their friends from The Millennium Group of Christ the King and Our Lady Parish Church
• Bianca Matthews
• The Cavanagh Family
• Pat Williams
• Lalligrass


• Richard Naylor; classic car run (Jogle) from John O’Groats to Lands End 2012
• Alison Smith of Liverpool Law School and her family; cycled a sponsored ride from Manchester to Liverpool 2012
• Amy Durband; Liverpool Santa Dash 2013
• Kerry Hyatt ran her first 10k following a long recovery from a tragic accident which left her with both her legs broken! 2014
• Alder Hey Staff; Aintree 10k run 2015
• Stuart Williams; Sponsored Kayak, Leeds to Liverpool 2016
• Hannah O’Farrell; Sponsored run 2017
• Frank Duff for his time at our quiz nights
• Rubin Cavanagh and friends for their sponsored walk 2018