Fourteen years ago, we started a clinic in the village of Jaganarthpur, in the south of Nepal, not too far from the Indian border, where there were no other nearby health facilities. We sent two of the local people who were keen to be involved, to India for basic training. Sadly, a few years later, the older man died, but Sujit Lal Kan has carried on in the clinic as a health worker ever since. Surendra Arya Upadhyay manages the clinic to which we have been sending regular payments.

Dozens of local people, both from Jaganarthpur and from the surrounding villages, regularly go there for advice and treatment. In recent years a nurse has also been attending weekly to help and advise women with their pregnancies. Once a month doctors from a hospital about 40 miles away come to take up the cases needing more specialist help.

Now, at long last, the newly elected Nepalese government has agreed to the setting up of clinics in some of the more isolated areas. We were delighted to be able to hand over to them the clinic building which was recently reconstructed with the support of Poynton Rotary Club in the UK. We have also arranged a generous payment to Sujit and Surendra to thank them for their hard work over the years and give them the opportunity to find other employment. We are delighted that the new, larger clinic will be able to use our facilities and would like to thank Sujit and Surendra for all their hard work over the years. This is the email sent by them following the handover:

Dear Carmel


I want to thank you and the Charity ‘So The Child May Live’ on behalf of Sujit and myself for helping this health clinic for more than 14 years.

In these long years we have been able to provide a great service for the village of Jaganarthpur and the surrounding villages. We have also been able to provide the services for the pregnant women in the village with services from the visiting nurses and the doctors.

The villagers have greatly appreciated the huge contribution of ‘So The Child May Live’ and extend their gratitude and thanks.

We want to thank you for the money and the gestures towards us at the closure of old health post we have been involved for so long.

Happy Christmas and New Year

Kind regards.

Surendra and Sujit

Waiting outside the clinic
Examination by a visiting doctor
Sujit (4th from L) and Surendra (2nd from R)