Kanti Hospital

So the Child May Live

The child – the precious seed of the future – is the object of all our affections, is the hope of tomorrow. For it is the child that will carry our aspirations forward, that will dream and will transform the dreams into a meaningful reality for all the world to enjoy. Thus it is to the child our efforts are singularly dedicated. Where disease lurks and the child is endangered, the full might of our concern will be to uphold life more than any other. Hope is the message that we give, cure and prevention our weapons. For the child’s sake and to the child alone we dedicate ourselves.

(Mission Statement of Kanti Hospital)


The Kanti Children’s Hospital, based in Kathmandu, is the only dedicated children’s hospital in Nepal. The Nepalese government provides approximately 50% of the running costs, with the remaining 50% coming from voluntary donations, often made by the families of patients who have been treated.

Parents sometimes trek for days carrying their sick or injured children to get there. The hospital has approximately 350 beds and provides neonatal care, general paediatrics, paediatric surgery, cardiology and cardiac surgery, oncology (cancer treatment) and intensive care. There are also paediatric clinics and a paediatric emergency room.

The hospital does not have the money to feed all its patients, so families have to buy food locally and cook it on the premises to feed their children. Medicines cannot be provided free and have to be paid for.

In 2013, as a result of the work done by So the Child May Live, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Kanti Children’s Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, to work together to develop services in Nepal. Staff from Alder Hey have visited the Kanti hospital to provide training in Paediatric Life Support and Resuscitation, cancer treatment, burns surgery, treatment of epilepsy and other specialties. Some staff from the Kanti have visited the UK and spent time at Alder Hey training in their specialties.

To find out more please visit the Kanti Children’s Hospital website.