PPE for Kanti


Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were today able to send some money to the Kanti Children’s Hospital so they can buy more Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for their staff.  With the Corona virus spreading in Nepal, as elsewhere around the globe, the hospital is in desperate need of the equipment.  The Nepalese government had provided some, but not nearly enough for even half their staff.  The money is now on its way to them so hopefully they will be able to support all the doctors and nurses as well as save the lives of children they are treating.

            Dr Krishna Paudel, the hospital Director, wrote:  ‘Since this crisis we are just collecting PPE drop by drop to save all.  We have gathered around 200 complete sets of PPE now.  However, we have nearly 600 members of staff altogether.    We will use the money you sent to procure PPE for staff directly involved in patient care.    I hope this email finds you all well.  We hope the Covid Pandemic doesn’t much affect our friends and supporters and the friendly people of the United Kingdom.’