Sponsored Walk


On Sunday, 9 June 2019, over 60 people gathered in Haworth, Yorkshire, to do the Railway Children’s Walk as a sponsored event to raise money for So the Child May Live.

The walk followed the route round many of the scenes of the film of the popular children’s story in which the family was broken up when the father was falsely accused of treason and jailed and the mother took her three children to Yorkshire, until his innocence in proved and the family were re-united.

We set off and, luckily, with the exception of a couple of very light and short-lived showers, the weather was fine and the scenery was lovely. “It was a great walk,” one of the participants said. “We really enjoyed it and were so glad to be doing something useful for the children of Nepal.”

Many thanks to everyone who took part and those who are sponsoring them.

Reaching Oakworth Station, the Railway Children’s Station