Retirement of Bishop Joshi


This month has seen the retirement of Mr Bishop Joshi, our oldest and closest associate at the Kanti Children’s Hospital. Bishop worked there as the Administrator for over 32 years. It was he who first welcomed our Chair, Carmel Dersch, to the hospital when she visited it in 1994. We have kept a close contact ever since.

Over the years he worked with many doctors, nurses and other health workers from around the world to help them understand the problems faced by medical staff in developing countries, and enable them to work with the Kanti Children’s Hospital to improve treatment for children in one of the world’s poorest areas.

He was closely involved with the development of training opportunities for oncology doctors and nurses working with childhood cancer, then with the treatment of burns patients. Burns is a huge problem in countries like Nepal where few people have electricity and open fires are used for cooking and heating. Bishop was also involved in the setting up of Together Against Childhood Cancer, which worked to bring together different services to improve the treatment of the disease. Then came cardiology and work with children with heart diseases, and training in Advanced Life Support, and then neonatology, working with families with premature babies.

In 2012 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, UK, and the Kanti Children’s Hospital.

After working tirelessly for the development of the Kanti Children’s Hospital, Bishop is finally taking a well-deserved retirement. He has bought a plot of land some miles outside Kathmandu and is planning to grow avocados and lime trees. We wish him and his family a long and happy retirement. We know he will be sorely missed at the Kanti Children’s Hospital and thank him for all his work for the development of life-saving treatments for the children of Nepal.