Oncology Nurse Training


Meet Indu Adhikari and Bandana Adhikari … family name is a co-incidence. STCML is proud to sponsor these two wonderful nurses to undertake specialist paediatric oncology nurse training at the Christian Medical Centre in Vellore, India.

In low-and-middle-income countries, female nurses can often be overlooked and undervalued. This kind of training is therefore so important in empowering nurses, building their confidence and giving them new knowledge and skills to help care for children with cancer.

This what they had to say before they left Nepal ……. “First of all, we would like to thank you all for your support for the paediatric oncology nurse training we are about to undertake . We feel so lucky to get this chance and this training is a great opportunity for us, as we have not had any such type of training before. We will fully utilise this training and are sure that it will be very beneficial for our institution. We expect the knowledge gained will be very productive for the care of oncology patients and will result in better outcomes for the treatment of children with cancer at Kanti. We are both very committed and serious about this training. “